In 2016, Mercury Momentum’s Earth Innovations Program awarded these Earth-Friendly project creators!

St. Albert the Great, 6th Grade, Olivia Hines – Ocean Acidification–Harmful Effects: Myth or Fact

Lenz Elementary, 6th Grade, Katie Hadwick, Zella Johnson – Oil Spill Catastrophe

Ely Learning Bridge 7th Grade, Austin Reynolds, Breanna Reynolds – Solar Heat Production

Virginia City Middle School, 8th Grade, Callum Bodington – The Future is GREY (water)

The Davidson Academy, 10th Grade, Oliver Leitner, Localizing Heat w/ Carbon Foam for Solar Heat

Earl Wooster H.S. 12th Grade, H. Darlene Merrill – The Potential Physiochemical Effect Marine Organisms

Reno High School, 12th Grade, Max Zeltzer, Drought Defiers

Reno High School, 12th/11th Grade, Cydney Martinez, Ashlyn Beerman – Rock N’ Water Filter