Mercury Momentum strives to enhance community involvement, education and support for organizations, causes and messages that promote positive change, social and cultural awareness and community spirit through providing forums, community events and other opportunities to bring people and the messages together.



Mercury Momentum is a Reno, Nevada based 501(c)3 nonprofit created shortly after the 2012 Earth Day event to preserve important community assets that were at risk. Our first project was to preserve Reno’s Earth Day event, which we felt was an important forum on sustainability for our area we did not want to lose. The organization who had run the event was disbanding after 20 years. We were able to step in and not only save the event, by expanding that event into an inclusive community driven event, it has grown from an average attendance of 5,000 to 25,000+ since we adopted it. Mercury has steadily grown since its grassroots beginnings to reaching out to help other events grow, succeed and become more sustainable, creating new events to promote education, cultural and historical awareness, visual and performance arts, social awareness and positive change, and community involvement and volunteerism.