The Artists' Grove

This program began as a special area within the Earth Day event to honor the fine arts, the artistic culture of our community and the connections between art expression and Earth Day.  The program quickly grew to include opportunities for emerging artists, contests and activities for youth to engage in art and interactive features to engage the community in the arts. The program has grown beyond the event to encourage an “Artists’ Grove” concept at other events in the area, to hold quarterly art contests and activities featuring various forms of art – from sculpture and painting to poetry, photography, digital media and more, and to work with other non-profits and to help them achieve their goals through these art programs.

Check out these Galleries to see what the program has accomplished to date:

The Artists’ Grove at Earth Day

Oz vs. Wonderland Costume Contest

Scenic Nevada Billboard Digital Art Contest

Upcoming: Operation Lifesaver Railroad Safety Video and Poster Contest

“Art is important for everyone, especially in education. Artistic development inspires creative thinking in all aspects of life – including problem solving, new ideas and confidence. The more art is encouraged and made accessible, the better all disciplines in society will be for it.” ~ Anastacia Sullivan